Wilderness Ministries in Sudan, Africa

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Hey Wilderness family,

If you all were not aware of it, Jose and Moe, of our Wilderness Ministries team, traveled to Sudan Affrica in late June and early July. Unfortunatly we have not been able to update our blog with what whent on due to their crazy scheduals but here is a little Video of what they were able to see and experance in Sudan with Wess Bently and Far Reaching Ministries.



Doulos Dudes at Wilderness Ranch


Happy Thursday, Friends and Family!

We want to thank you all for your faithfulness in praying for the first session of Doulos! The team that came to serve at Wilderness Ministries definitely worked hard on the ranch! Each one the members have blessed us.

Doulos Dudes

The Doulos, at Wilderness Ranch this year, were focusing on following the command to be “DOERS- NOT HEARERS ONLY” of the Word of God, with James 1:22 being the Scripture to title the heart of the ministry this year.

James 1:21-22 “Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls,22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves



Let us give you a small idea of what it lookedlike to be a doulos this past week.


As the team rode in Sunday evening they went directly to unloading all the food, equipment, and belongings into their appropriate place, let me not forget to mention they did so in the thick layer of mosquitos. Those southern gents were dancing. The next morning would commence the schedule they would carry through for the rest of their time with us. They rose up early, before the sun (as is our custom here at The Wilderness Ministries Ranch) and had time alone with God. They would then meet at Jose’s trailer-cabin around 7, where the gentlemen would each share a little something they received from their devotionals in Genesis that morning; we were also privileged to hear Pastor Tony Falcione, of Calvary Chapel Fingerlakes, teach on 1 Samuel. After the team got fueled up with some hot breakfast, it was off to work they went! The doulos gents did a great deal of cleaning up and heavy lifting to clean up the barn, they got dirty cleaning out some brush out in the wilderness (Cutting limbs from trees, removing weeds of all sizes, carrying thick brush to the buggy…killing snakes…), and were faithful to do whatever was asked of them without grumbling. Around 1, if they were lucky, the team would gather back at the trailer for lunch, another hot meal to fuel them for some more fun, and spend some time in fellowship, prayer, or sharing. After lunch, it was back to work! When evening came the team would come back in and get clean / eat dinner. We were blessed to worship God in song and praise, as well as hear the Word every evening; Beginning and ending the day with the Word of God, worshipping at the foot of His cross.  OH, and we were more than excited to use the sanctuary for the first time!

( Side note: the acoustics in there were heavenly… even the tone deaf sounded like angels.)


So, family, we thank you again for all the prayers (No one got hurt, or sick!). The Doulos team truly did a great favor to us here at WM, helping us manicure and care for the land God has given us and made us stewards of. We look forward to the next team of  coming out on the July 22nd! To all of you Prayer Warriors… Keep the Work of God here at Wilderness Ministries in prayer, without you all supporting us in the Spiritual Battle, we wouldn’t accomplish much in the Physical!film Beauty and the Beast 2017 trailer


We love all of you brethren and sisterens in Christ! Remember, “The Battle belongs to Thee LORD!”